The game called Roblox Royale High is another simulator for youngsters. Players are encouraged to get into a high school of fairies, where they are welcome to have fun in all imaginable ways. Classes are included, too. Still, classes are also entertaining. Players can attend them to receive marks and get a sense of competition with other participants. The range of available disciplines includes Chemistry, Arts, Cooking, etc. There are numerous classrooms, canteen, gym there and a player can wander through these places and even check the portals that lead to more well-designed environments. As this is the school for fairies, players are encouraged to try some outfits and wings on. There is a range of additional accessories, so customization options are vast. At the same time, players will have to try hard to gather a full outlook, since the prices for clothes and other elements for an image are a bit costly. For most game participators, it takes a pretty long period to get the clothes they want. The in-game currency can also be used to arrange the rooms for characters. There is an opportunity to get yourself a stylish bed and other things. Most of the design options will suit small ladies (well, at least, this is a game about fairies!) more than young boys, but the number of them is pretty large, so every player will find something that fits his or her taste. The lockers can also be personalized and colored just the way a player wants. Still, this also costs some in-game currency, which comes in diamonds (painting will cost about a thousand of them). The decoration will cost ten times more, though. Well, this is a royal school for royal fairies, so don’t be surprised! Players who like role playing, customizing, high level of personalization, and of course, fairies, will surely appreciate Roblox Royale High. By the way, there is also a live chat available for all players, who are encouraged to have conversations in the real time. The audience of the game mostly consists of pre-teens and teenagers.

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