For Boys

Join the high school of fairies with wings and incredible outfits! Who cares about classes when there are so many parties and holidays to attend? Well, you will be surprised, but the classes at Roblox Royale High School for boys are no less amazing than everything else. For example, you have a chance to learn some basics of coding and even create your own mini game. However, if you are sick and tired from studying, you can always visit a party and become a center of attention there. Get the name of the party-queen (or king) and receive additional diamonds, so you can spend them to your liking. New clothes, upgraded wings, furniture, and other stuff can be purchased in the game. Then you can boast of having the best outfits and decoration at school!

There are chat rooms in a game and you can have a conversation with other players. This is a great chance to make your fairy-story more alive and to find new friends from the other part of the world! However, if you are a high school students or even younger, beware of the harmful content that may appear. Due to the fact that game allows everyone post anything, some people might behave badly. So if something seems suspicious to you – just leave that place and find another room! Gladly, there are numerous locations and millions of players available!

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