For Girls

There are a lot of interesting locations and places to discover when you play Roblox Royale High for girls. The game developers have prepared something interesting for you, so don’t miss anything. Let’s talk about some locations and their peculiarities. Students’ residents in Roblox Royale High can be easily opened by your personal key. They are usually small flats with a couple of rooms furnished with beds, tables, desks, computers, closets, and other stuff. You will also see some pictures on the walls and large bolsters for sitting. There is also a balcony there. As Roblox Royale High has vast customization opportunities, you will be able to add some additional pieces and upgrade the existing ones later.

The campus has a lot of rooms, including a laboratory for Chemistry classes and Art workroom. Moreover, you will find a lot of entertaining objects and elements there, including a piano, TV-set, plants, etc. There are different rooms there colored in various colors. The colors usually distinguish the room type. Some of them have bookshelves and private balconies, the others have mirrors and desks. Still, any things present in the room can be upgraded when you will gather enough diamonds to do so. The diamonds serve as a digital currency. You can find them while you walk around different locations of the game, including school yard, swimming pool, and other places. Be aware that there are different types of diamonds colored in different colors. The color determines diamond’s price. Also, you can get some additional jewelry when you go to dances. Take part in a competition between players and become a queen or a king of the party to receive not only admiration but also a nice portion of diamonds!

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