Roblox High School 2

Roblox is very popular, almost as popular as Minecraft was in its best days. By the way, the characters look pretty similar to those block-like creatures you know from Minecraft. One of the most amazing things in the game is that children can have great fun and learn something that they really enjoy. Something valuable! For example, they can try constructing their own small games with the help of simple coding language. Also, they can create their own heroes and build rooms for them. What is more, there are numerous chat rooms where they can talk freely and find some interesting people from all over the globe.

When the game provides players with a complete freedom of actions, this can be really fun. This is just the case when it comes to Roblox Royale High School. You can create a character that looks like you only digital. You can furnish a room just like you want to. You may study the classes that you really like. All in all, you are a royal fairy and royal fairies can do everything they want. At the same time, such an openness gives a dangerous freedom as well. What does it mean? Well, there are always people who want to make a cheerful and friendly community shocked or depraved. Roblox also includes these risks. For example, the game allows children to talk in a life chat and it is a common situation when they get sex offers. There are entire “sex-rooms” there! Of course, the next filthy desire of strange online maniacs is murder. Someone can drag a player in a place where nobody can see them and kill. Distorting something nice is almost like a tradition in today’s Internet environment. Unfortunately, this is something that is hard to stop. The customization is amazing only until it becomes nasty. When the online community allows the members to share their own images, sound tracks and other content online, sometimes these things are connected with sexual abuse, swear words, and cruelty. The game’s rating is 12+, however, some parents prefer to keep their children away from it. The reason is obvious: there were a lot of cases that reported abusive behavior of other players (admittedly, older) and sexual content. Well, Internet is not a very safe place for kids and this is how it always was and will be.

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