Roblox High School

Become one of the royal learners in a school of fairies with Roblox Royale High School! As you become a royal student, your education becomes really different from the one you can have in a traditional school. Now you will have more fun than studying! There are no strict rules for you in a school of fairies: you can hang out with your friends, play games, visit interesting places, and do just anything you want. The classes are awesome and enjoyable, as well. No more Math and Geography! Study Arts, Cooking, awesome Chemistry and other amazing things. You will get some tasks to accomplish and receive marks to compete with other players and become one of the best.

The game allows players to create characters the way they want. You can choose a hair color and the number of options is incredible here. Have you ever dreamt of having a blue or pink hair? Now you can have it! There are clothes and accessories to choose from, so you can create a fully personalized of your fantastic image. Not only your appearance, but also your room can be furnished and changed to your liking. Buy yourself some furniture, paint the room in your favorite color and test your design skills in all ways. To enjoy all this stuff, you will need to gather some currency which comes in a form of diamonds of different colors. The diamonds are located in different places of the map, so you will just find them while you walk from one place to another. The cheapest diamonds are easy to find, but more expensive ones require some work and special attention. Also, the game provides an online chat for all players, so you can talk to them while you play and find new friends! Don’t forget about the school dancing events. You are most welcome to take part in them and even become a queen (or a king)! There are so many amazing features and opportunities waiting for you in Roblox Royale High School!

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