Royale High School 2019

Royal fairies are going to school! Will you join them? Roblox Royale High is a popular simulator game where you can do anything you want: playing, dancing, chatting and… just a little bit of studying, which is a great fun, too. There are many places except the school to check out, including shops, hotels, and even beauty salons. To benefit from all these amazing features as well as to get the most of the customization options, you will have to gather diamonds. They can be found around the locations you will visit. The diamonds have different colors and value. They can be used to buy costumes, wings, accessories, snacks, drinks, furniture for your personal room, etc. You will have to devote some time to gather those that are costlier, since they are mostly located in the places that are not so obvious, like diving boards, swimming pools, caves, and other areas in Royale High School 2019.

You will also attain some parties and events that are held in the school. When you visit a party, you can have some free goodies like cakes, candies, sweets, and toys. You can even turn things into chocolate by means of the chocolate fountain. The players will compete for becoming a king or a queen of the party. The winner gets a money-prize of five hundred diamonds! To choose the king and the queen of a ball, players have to vote with the help of special box. Also, you will communicate with others during a holiday and even play games together, including limbo. If you are really good at playing limbo, you will also receive a small money-prize. The game is amazing for teenagers and kids, who want to have fun a friendly and communicative environment, where you can talk and cooperate with others. If you are new to Rolbox Royale High, you can always check the tutorials and tips that are present in the game. The developers have done their best to create amazing environment, puzzles, competitions, and graphics. So check it out on our resource and have a happy learning with fairies!

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